Господдержка производства букридеров. Тайвань

Taiwan government aims at 80% global market share for Taiwan-made e-book readers in 2013

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will be implementing a 5-year project with a total budget of NT$2.134 billion (US$65 million) to boost development of digital publication industries in Taiwan, with the goal being to make Taiwan-produced e-book readers reach a global market share of 80% with sales of NT$50 billion in 2013, according to the agency. The other goals of this project for 2013 are two to three trading platforms for Chinese-language e-books, more than 10 innovative applications for the e-book platform, 100,000 Chinese-language e-books published, a cumulative total investment of NT$10 billion by publication industries, and an e-book customer base of one million, MOEA pointed out.

Ну, молодцы. И они оценивают мировые продажи букридеров к 2013 году в $1,9 млрд. Если отпускная цена будет порядка $50, то это не очень много - 38 млн штук.