2 млн экз книжки Брауна продано за неделю. 5% - в электронном виде

New Dan Brown novel tops 2 million mark - Yahoo! Finance

Doubleday announced Tuesday that hardcover, audio and e-book sales for “The Lost Symbol” topped 2 million copies for its first week of release in the United States, Britain and Canada. The total is “well over” 2 million for English-language editions worldwide, according to Doubleday spokeswoman Suzanne Herz, who declined to offer a specific number. Herz did say that around 5 percent, or 100,000 copies, of “The Lost Symbol” were sold as e-books. Doubleday released the digital edition at the same time as the hardcover despite industry worries that e-sales might take away business from the more expensive paper text.

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