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French survey: 95 percent of pirated e-books are NOT online in legal editions | TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home

Ninety-five percent of the pirated e-books discovered—perhaps 6,000 or so—are not online in authorized editions. Granted, this isn’t proven cause-effect; the above percentage could simply reflect the slowness of French publishers in getting their wares online. Just eight percent of the top 50 bestsellers in France are legally buyable in E. Cause-effect or not, I hope that French houses will still consider the wisdom of using attractive legal editions to preempt the pirated ones. Same for American publishers who fantasize that they can delay e-book editions in hopes of spiking up p-book sales. Readers will seek out the material when they want it and in the formats they want. Harry Potter books, not legally available in E, are among the favorite illegal titles in P2P. While the numbers are small compared to French publishers’ total output, you can bet the number will grow, as the price of e-book readers declines and the technology improves.

Когда издатели говорят, что они боятся пиратов - покажите им, сколько книг на Либрусеке и сколько на Литресе. И спросите, почему на Литресе — на порядок меньше. Главный принцип продажи товаров: они должны быть в маганине.