Электронные книги - 5% рынка в деньгах. 10% в экземплярах?

Professional and Scholarly Publishing Leads the Market for Ebooks by a Wide Margin « The Scholarly Kitchen

Al Greco, Professor of Marketing at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business Administration, presented data he has complied on the ebook market in the US to seminar attendees. These data are drawn from a variety of sources, including the US Department of Commerce, the US Department of Education, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Department of Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Congressional Budget Office, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. Professor Greco’s data are must-read information for anyone interested in the ebook market, and are the only data I have seen that breaks out the US market by industry segment. According to Greco, book publishing (print and electronic) in the US is a $35 billion dollar industry. This year, he forecasts that ebooks will account for 5% of that revenue, or $1.76 billion. Of that $1.76 billion, trade books account for 8.6%, or $151 million; K-12 accounts for 8.1% ($143 million); higher education accounts for 6.9% ($122 million); and university presses account for 0.4% ($7.7 million). Professional and scholarly publishing titles represent 75.9% of the US ebook market, or $1.33 billion. In other words, professional and scholarly ebooks account for more than three times the rest of the US ebook market combined.

Если принять во внимание, что цена на электронные книги в полтора-два раза ниже, чем на бумажные, то доля электронных книг по экземплярам составляет 10%. То есть каждая десятая проданная книга в США - уже электронная.