Проект бесплатного электронного издательства в Египте

Marwa Rakha’s free e-publishing does not censor and does not have any guidelines for manuscript acceptance whatsoever.

Rakha says that “if you think you are a writer, if you think you want people to hear your voice, if you do not want to be at the mercy of a publisher who will make you pay, will not print the number of copies he promised, will not distribute the book properly, and will not market the book or author, then… you have a home with me.”

Even more, Rakha has put together a team of volunteer English and Arabic editors, marketers, designers and illustrators to help achieve such a remarkable mission. So far, Rakha has published (made available for download) over 30 e-books.

When asked about the future of publishing, the writer responds by briefly stating that “the future is online” and that this fact is inevitable.

To further promote the books and their authors, Rakha is currently in the process of searching for donors who can sponsor the books and their authors.

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Когда говорят, что интеллектуальная сфера — это многомиллиардная индустрия, не стоит забывать, что большинство людей пишут книги потому, что не могут не писать. И далеко не все из них — графоманы.

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