Kobo станет издателем

Canadian-based e-book seller Kobo is following in Amazon’s footsteps and creating a publishing arm that will deal directly with authors, CBC News has learned.
Kobo, whose major shareholder is Indigo Books, will roll out its program sometime next year, according to CEO Michael Serbinis.
Like Amazon, which announced two weeks ago that it would be publishing 122 original titles this fall, Kobo will be offering complete publishing services for authors, including book editing and design.

via cbc.ca

Амозонка — всем пример. В общем, совершенно логично — создал инфраструктуру, так ничего не мешает открыть дверь на вход для авторов.
Из материала непонятно, будет ли у Kobo именно издательство или издательская платформа а ля Amazon KDP.