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В ноябре было много всяких новостей. Отдельным блоком в конце — ссылки на материалы конференции W3Publishing и, отдельно, на разные workflow для производства EPUB. Redmadrobot выписался из библиотеки – Газета Коммерсантъ № 203 (6197) от 31.10.2017 Kindle Create (Beta) | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Audible Launches an “All-You-Can-Listen” Romance Service | The Digital Reader Audible Romance is a New Unlimited Subscription Service Шведский литературный социализм DRM-free E-Bookshops Amazon Kindle Lite for Android is a New App for Indian Readers Free Script for Removing the Overlapping Stroke for Paragraph Borders from InDesignSecrets.com : InDesignSecrets MIT Is Digitizing a Huge Archive of Noam Chomsky’s Lectures, Papers and Other Documents & Will Put Them Online | Open Culture ST report on Waterstones sale ‘sensible enough’, says Daunt | The Bookseller The Czech Republic’s first ebook subscription service – The New Publishing Standard Первый подписочный сервис в Чехии. Pronoun | Publish smarter Pronoun всё. Pronoun(s) and Data — an Update – Andrew Rhomberg – Medium Can ebook piracy be prevented (or even just managed)? ‘We’re told to be grateful we even have readers’: pirated ebooks threaten the future of book series | Books | The Guardian Online Copyright Infringement Tracker - Latest wave of research (March 2017) China Literature IPO: Tencent’s e-books unit one of Asia’s largest tech offerings — Quartz The Physical Landscape of Words – Submittable – Medium Российское книгоиздание в первой половине 2017 г.: прыжок в высоту Google Is Now Accepting Indie Authors into Play Books (Sometimes, And Only If You Ask Nice) | The Digital Reader InDesign CC 2018: What it means for EPUB – EPUBSecrets white paper | Open research | Research Publisher Baromètre 2017 de l’offre de livres numériques en France Open access academic books downloaded, discussed and cited far more than traditional books | Group | Research Publisher How German Readers Find and Choose Ebooks - A Survey - Indies Go German Fixed-layout EPUB3: Accessibility Made Possible (in a Rather Unconventional Way) – EPUBSecrets Amazon’s Kindle turns 10: have ebooks clicked with you yet? | Books | The Guardian NOOK Press – Important Information Regarding the Manuscript Editor Feature Digital Publishers Find Shared Purpose at W3C Publishing Summit What Is a Computational Essay?—Stephen Wolfram Blog Bookstores aren’t dead. Amazon Just Announced its 17th Bookstore to Open in Bethesda, Maryland | The Digital Reader 10 exciting years of the Kindle (infographic) HarperCollins Digital Sales Increase 6% Amazon.com: Books on Alexa: Kindle Store В чем преимущество настоящих книг перед электронными — Российская газета Bonnier to Close the UK Branch of Its Type & Tell Services Provider | The Digital Reader Why doesn’t everyone love reading e-books? Run book Run! From physical paper to executable online books | The Visual Studio Blog Buk Lets You Create Sharable Links into the Contents of Your Book Jen Simmons | Labs Сетка CSS — демонстрация реализации. Interactive marginalia – Liza Daly – Medium Лайза Дейли об аннотировании в вебе и электронных книгах. Harmonia: An interactive utopian tale — интерактивная веб-книжка Лайзы Дейли. Independent bookshops play a vital role in our communities – don’t let Amazon destroy that | Technology | The Guardian Независимые книжные магазины и Amazon KDP Print Now Offers Author Copies | The Digital Reader Smartphone Shipments Up, Tablet Shipments Down in the Third Quarter | The Digital Reader Publish interactive historical documents with Archivist Междунарожный «Мемориал», оказывается, обрабатывает интервью с остарбайтерами в новом онлайновом редакторе на базе Substance Kindle Previewer теперь будет только 3 — с Enhanced Typesetting и пр. How to back up Kindle books to a computer – step-by-step guides New models for open digital collections? The Quantum Storey Company Launches World’s First Virtual Reality Book Series Exclusively at Produce a scientific paper with Lens Writer – Michael Aufreiter – Medium AAP Reports Trade Revenues Down a Fraction of a Percent Through July 2017 | The Digital Reader Anna Todd, Mega-Wattpad Star, Aims for 30 Territories Sold by June 1 Condos and apartments around the nation opt for a novel amenity: Books - The Washington Post Drop Caps: Historical Use And Current Best Practices With CSS – Smashing Magazine Буквица: история и CSS How many Kindle bestsellers are available via Kindle Unlimited? Да почти все. Эволюция вузовского книгоиздания Сетевая «инфраструктура доверия» - обязательное условие для развития национальной сферы интеллектуальной собственности Distributing to Perlego — New Retail Channel – PublishDrive – Medium Агрегатор PublishDrive теперь работает с англоязычным подписочным сервисом академических книг Perlego. The Birth of the Kindle | David Gaughran Неплохой обзор истории Киндла. Presse - Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels - Bundesverband EU agrees to end geoblocking to boost single digital market | ZDNet Tencent joins the half-trillion club, and look how close it is to Amazon… – The New Publishing Standard Freda ebook app now out for Android devices: Attn. public domain lovers Turnipsoft Charting trends in digitisation of heritage collections: read the ENUMERATE Survey results | Europeana Guidelines on how to use the Europeana Awareness reporting template Bookmate стала совладельцем книжного издательства Individuum Blockchain Potential in Scholarly Publishing: New Report from Digital Science The ECJ condemns the French Act on digital exploitation of out-of-print books - Kluwer Copyright Blog Ъ: Clever пересадят в США


Publishing@W3C: The convergence is well underway - Apex Covantage The Magic of Reading · GitBook Print Quality Layout via CSS How New CSS Is Changing Everything About Graphic Design on the Web // Speaker Deck W3C Publishing Summit 2017: An Ebook Dev’s View – EPUBSecrets

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